Included here for download are the following Excel spreadsheets that I have developed.

  • Loan repayments calculator
  • Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations
  • Option price calculator
  • 2-Dimensional Numbers practice worksheet


Loan repayments calculator

Listed below is a simple spreadsheet for calculating the repayments on a home mortgage or other loan.

Loan Repayments Calculator


Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations

Excel, like most computer software, is normally limited to 15 digits of calculation accuracy.

A while ago I developed some macros for performing Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations, i.e. calculations to any number of decimal places, such as 100.

Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations



Option Valuations

Options are a lot of fun. Whether you are a student doing a finance course, an investor who wants to experiment with trading options or a professional the spreadsheet below may be useful.

This Excel spreadsheet uses the standard Black and Scholes option pricing model to calculate the value of Call or Put options under whatever conditions you specify.

Available for students or home use below.

Option Price Calculator


2-Dimensional Numbers practice worksheet

Below is a link to an Excel spreadsheet where you can experiment with 2-Dimensional Numbers, a number system that I invented around 2011.

Please see the ‘Books’ tab for more information.

2-dimensional Numbers