Included here for are the following websites and Excel spreadsheets that I have developed.

  • Loan repayments calculator website
  • Australian Age Pension calculator website
  • Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations


Loan repayments calculator

To calculate the repayments on a variety of loan types quickly and simply please refer to my website

Calculate Loan Repayments


Australian Age Pension calculator website

This website calculates the payment rates for the Australian Centrelink Age Pension and Disability Support Pension payments.

It doesn’t handle every possible financial circumstance however it does cover the most common scenarios.

SeeĀ Calculate Australian Pension Payments



Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations

Excel, like most computer software, is normally limited to 15 digits of calculation accuracy.

A while ago I developed some macros for performing Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations, i.e. calculations to any number of decimal places, such as 100.

Arbitrary Precision Number Calculations