Offer of Pro-Bono work

Hi All, I have some spare time at the moment so I’ve decided to post an offer of Pro-Bono work. I would like to make my services available to charity groups or special projects that could benefit from my skills (no students wanting their assignments written please). In addition to Paraplanning I have the usual skills in Excel, Word, Microsoft Access and Xero (limited knowledge). Any engagement would have to be work-from-home.

Book review – ‘The Little SAS Book’

This post is a brief review of the book ‘The Little SAS book’ by Delwiche and Slaughter.

I came across this book in my first SAS position. It had been left behind by a former employee, or the company, and was sitting on the shelf of my cubical.

I had no experience with SAS, and all I had to refer to was the existing code in the system and this book.

As the title suggests it’s quite a small book in IT terms, the fifth edition is 325 pages.

One benefit of this is the cost, which retails for about $50 on

In summary it was an excellent introduction to programming in the SAS language.

The book is basically a programming guide, it’s doesn’t include content on the many complex SAS modules that are available.

For anyone that needs to program in Base SAS I would highly recommend this book.

Do chickens make good pets for children?

A while ago my sister-in-law was visiting from the Philippines. She went to a market with her boyfriend and bought home two chicks as gifts for my son.

I was a bit upset at first because they didn’t ask our permission they just did it.

However, baby chicks are seriously cute. They are also extremely cheap, costing $4 each compared to a pedigree puppy or kitten costing $1,000 to $2,500.

The chickens are grown now and they have a small fenced-off area of the back yard, where they are perfectly happy.

They are good company. Recommended.