Loren is a comic strip that I invented around 2010.

I have a few drawings just with a mouse (see below) however it has not been professionally drawn.

Some notes appear below the drawings.




Who is Loren?

Loren is a bit like a female Batman. However, while Batman was a wealthy industrialist, Loren has an inherited title.

She is legally entitled to the throne of France however she has never taken up the position.

Her sister Emma Elizabeth sits on the throne in a care-taker role.

Loren travels through the street fighting crime and evil.

She wears a black cloak and hood.

Her legal name is Lauren however she generally goes by Loren.

Family name is Chandone.



What is Loren’s favourite drink?

Loren drinks vodka when she is travelling and whisky when she is at home.


Does Loren have a boyfriend?

No. She is single.


What weapon does Loren use?

Loren carries a small sword.


Does Loren have any friends?

Loren has a number of friends, which appear in various scenes in her comic strip.



*With apologies to the people of France who chose a democratic republic.